A comparison of works between sophocles and euripedes

Euripides expresses this theme and character development that women, though seemingly submissive and shallow on the surface, posses very deep feelings, emotions, and traits. In the first, an early play, he ridicules the ragged heroes so frequent in Euripides, and represents a man in distress going to seek Euripides, and borrow from him a pathetic garb of woe to soften the hearts of his judges.

Nevertheless he remarks, as Racine had done, that in the new versions, those parts had always been the most effective which were borrowed directly from the originals.

What resources are available to her so as to help meet them. Influences Sophocles is regarded as the pinnacle of Greek dramatic art and one of the greatest dramatists in Western literature. Rather, the exaggerated expressions on the masks were part of the stylized "look" of Greek theatre, a style that combined ritualized exaggeration with simplicity to better convey the sense of the drama to a large audience.

Aeschylus, Euripides and Meletus all wrote Oedipus tragedies.

Indeed the idea is so general and so natural to a poet, that it may well have occurred independently to Shakspere. In this respect, his emphasis is on human free will. How does it relate to the objectives Dionysus outlines in the prologue.

How does she "claim" the event for her own autonomy. One of the similarities that we come across in both the plays is the result of the decisions made by few of the characters.

Questions about upcoming readings generally flag concerns I expect will be important in class discussions. What relations has Polymestor had in the past with Hecuba and Priam.

And it should also be noted that the speech of Eteocles, which Shakspere seems to have used, was cited in Plutarch's tract "On Brotherly Love," of which Amyot's translation was certainly accessible to the poet.

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A Hecuba by Morell These I have found among rare collections of old plays. Sophocles creates characters of heroic proportions, yet these heroic qualities often lead to disaster. But the numerous Euripidean titles which appear in plays ranging from tfosome by Heywood, some by Studley, and others, refer rather to versions of Seneca's plays, which then exercised a great influence on the English stage.

Under the command of Pericles, he participated in the military campaign against Samos. Why, they ask, does Electra sit watching at Orestes' feet, when she ought rather to sit at his head. We hear that a Troades was printed in Greek by J. These key passages will be good things to refer to as evidence for proving points on your exam.

But comic episodes were felt to be out of place in a Greek drama, and therefore when a tragic scene had taken place, the Chorus followed it by a song of purest poetry.

Aeschylus | Sophocles | Euripides | Aristophanes (Great Books of the Western World, #5)

He grew up during the Persian Wars, and was chosen to participate in the victory celebrations for the Greek naval victory at Salamis in BCE, an honor that suggests that the young Sophocles was particularly talented and handsome. Bibliography restricted to one play is mentioned ad loc.

The date of Women of Trachis, a play whose authenticity has been doubted by a few in the past, is now generally put at sometime before Antigone. In the meantime, Orestes, tormented beyond endurance by the Furies, had gone to the Oracle of Apollo, to ask how he might be purified from his sin, and Apollo had told him to go to the land of the Tauri and bring back to Attica the image of Artemis his sister, so that it might no longer be stained by the blood of the human sacrifices.

Let us go with an Athenian audience and see a play which was first performed in the latter half of the fifth century B. Perhaps on account of Racine's, Voltaire's, and Alfieri's preference, and in opposition to it, every fault was found with Euripides and every merit denied.

Nor is this preference shown in his play only. Where else does the play mention clothing or costuming. The War of the Worldsa novel by H.

He increased the chorus from twelve to fifteen members and, while limiting its participation in the action, composed some of his most beautiful poetry for it. The plays of Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides reflected the social values and attitudes of classical Greeks yet one introduced strong female characters - 1/5(3).

Euripides the Rationalist

Violeta A. Jimenez Drama W October 16, Sophocles vs. Euripides Sophocles’ and Euripides’ versions of Electra carry, among many similarities, a central theme of revenge. The characters, Electra and Orestes, must reunite to avenge their father’s murder. In the first section, we provide a brief biography of both Sophocles and Euripides.

The second and last section includes summaries of Sophocles’ Electra and Euripides’ Electra which were based on same essentials and give an opportunity to observe the differences of the playwrights. Sophocles competed in around 30 competitions; he won perhaps 24 and never received lower than second place; in comparison, Aeschylus won 14 competitions and was defeated by Sophocles at times, while Euripides won only 4 competitions.

Sophocles, usually considered the most accessible of the central triangle of Greek tragedians (the other two being Euripides and Aeschylus), was probably born in or around BC at Colonus, near Athens, the setting of his Oedipus at Colonos (see, particularly, the Ode to Colonus in that play at ff).

Bellerophon in Peace (and Sophocles’ Tereus in Birds).Reading Andromache gave Dionysus in Frogs the idea of fetching Euripides from Hades (even if he gets distracted before the play’s end). The evidence for these plays has never been more thoroughly reported than by Kannicht.

A comparison of works between sophocles and euripedes
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